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Welcome to the Gun Dog It Yourself Podcast webpage. This podcast is discussing everything hunting dogs with a primary focus on the DIY trainers. Nick and Alston are very passionate about their dogs and share their amateur training experiences in an effort to bring more people to the world they love. You’ll hear training dos (and donts) along with relatable stories from training, hunting, and the lifestyle in general. 

Feb 1, 2022

I linked up with my buddies Jacob and Andrew of the Southern Outdoorsmen this past weekend to try and get first Woodcock contacts for them and their pups   They discuss some of the hurdles and learning curves theyve had with their pups thusfar and how its been difficult to just get started finding wild birds for their dogs.  It was some fun hunting and a fun conversation that we can all relate to if you think back to when you were first getting going!
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